Hello, I am super excited to have you here. My name is Mary-Rose Ilaya, and you are welcome to my blog.

As far back, as I can remember; I have always been passionate about natural beauty. I spent most parts of my teen years looking up African natural remedies, spices, and oils to know their compositions and what they can be used for. Then I would whip up a DIY remedy for my brother and I to try out. My brother was a willing test subject growing up, until a funny thing happened. I made a DIY from orange peel, that was supposed to combat our teenage acne and leave us with smooth, fresh and supple skin…but, drum roll please…we ended up having rashes (LOL). 

I learnt a lot from that incident, one of which was, what works for another, might not work for you. You have to take your skin type into consideration too.  

To be honest, I initially became interested in natural beauty, because I saw it as an affordable and easy way to achieve my hair care and skin care goals. Then, after becoming more aware of the dangers of not knowing what am applying on my body and the possible side effects, I jumped fully into the natural beauty train. Right now, I make my hair cream and body cream myself.

Over the years, my passion for hair care and skin care using natural remedies has grown. And I have found a way to merge my passion and my course of study Biomedical Technology/Engineering into a life goal of bringing health and technology to the beauty/cosmetic industry. I want to help solve healthcare issues  by specializing in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, with a focus on the skin and scalp using African natural remedies.

I want to show you, how to achieve your hair care and skin care goals using our African natural remedies. Most of us sacrifice a lot on the altar of beauty, enjoying the short term benefits, but in the long run its really harmful to us.

I believe that there are amazing African remedies, that can help everyone achieve their hair care and skin care goals, without causing harm to ourselves. I am still learning, always learning, and I want to share my research and experiments with you. So hop on the train, and take a ride with me, its adventure time!!!