How to get awesome results when deep conditioning your hair

Deep conditioning your hair is a significant way to keep your hair super moisturised.

You may have heard about the importance of deep conditioning from members of the natural hair community. Or I may have told you to include it in your routine. Yes, everyone is talking about deep conditioning because it works. It’s amazing. It does wonders to your naturally dry hair that you will be awed at how soft your hair has become because of deep conditioning.

Be you a natural or you carry relaxed hair; you should not skimp on deep conditioning your hair. It will change your hair game.

So, when people usually ask me about deep conditioning, I noticed I couldn’t really go into details about everything you need to on deep conditioning your hair. Hence this detailed post. Let’s go on a ride to know more about deep conditioning your hair, shall we?

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Deep Conditioning Made Easy

Deep conditioning your hair involves treating your hair with a deep conditioner by applying it and preferably massaging it into your hair and scalp. And then letting it stay on your hair for about 15-30 minutes before rinsing off. Also, deep conditioners can be store-bought or DIY (Well by now you should now I am into DIYs)

Deep conditioners vary from your standard conditioners because they are intended to stay in your hair for a long time thus adequately infusing your hair strands with moisture or protein, depending on the type of deep conditioners being used. Whereas, the standard conditioners are not supposed to be on your hair longer than five minutes.

In the natural hair culture, deep conditioning has become a mainstay. Without deep conditioning in your routine, you honestly can not get the great hair you desire.  For several issues, such as breakage, dryness, and hair damage, deep conditioning your hair is simply the go-to remedy.

However, most people do not know that deep conditioning is an essential practice to preserve and grow healthy natural hair.

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Different Types of Deep Conditioners

Moisturising deep conditioners

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners are designed to infuse moisture into your hair strands. Therefore a true conditioner must have water listed as its first ingredient. Honestly, what moisturises better than water?

Other ingredients in a deep conditioner are those that can moisturise and lock in the moisture in the hair too.  Such ingredients are aloe vera juice, glycerine, or honey.

To identify moisturising deep conditioners, you will see words like ‘moisturising’ or ‘hydrating’ inscribed on the product label.

A simple DIY deep conditioner you can whip up at home is aloe vera gel from your aloe vera plants and castor oil.

Protein deep conditioners

Protein deep conditioners are formulated in such a way that our hair strands are infused with protein and moisture. Hair consists of protein, and so it needs regular protein reinforcements for strength and structure. Further, this helps to preserve the elasticity of the hair.

Protein deep conditioners are composed of proteinous ingredients that will supply your hair with protein

It would be best to be on the look-out for terms like ‘Anti-breakage’,’ repair’ or ‘strengthening’ inscribed on the product label to recognise a deep protein conditioner.

A simple DIY protein DIY consists of mayonnaise, oils and honey

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Benefits of deep conditioning your hair

Deep conditioning your hair will provide your hair with so many beautiful benefits, and help you achieve the great hair you desire.  Some of the advantages of deep conditioning your hair includes:

1. Deep conditioning your hair adds moisture to it

With moisture and protein, our hair thrives. And we need to find a way to give our hair the right amount of moisture it needs because our scalp does not contain enough natural oils to help moisturise our hair strands. Therefore, the need for deep conditioning regularly. Deep conditioning makes hair more manageable by incorporating moisture into the hair fibres.

2. Deep conditioning your hair prevents hair damage and restores hair that has been damaged

If the hair damage is caused by a moisture-protein in balance or poor hair habits, deep conditioning can help to restore damaged hair to health. And, also prevent any possible damage to your hair by poor hair practices when done frequently.

3. Deep conditioning your hair helps to reduce its breakage

Not only does deep conditioning impart moisture, but it also strengthens the hair and reduces split ends and breakage. If your hair breaks too much or feels extra dry, you should invest in deep conditioning regularly.

4. Deep conditioning your hair improves its elasticity

Dry and brittle hair has reduced elasticity and lacks strength. And that is why it breaks away so easily.  Deep conditioning helps to maximise the hair’s elasticity, making it capable of withstanding any stress applied to it.  Healthy hair is supposed to be able to stretch like a rubber band and cut so easily. And, to get healthy hair, one needs to deep condition regularly. Trust me; your hair game will change when you invest in regular deep conditioning.

5. Deep conditioning your hair helps to make it softer

Deep conditioning leaves your hair feeling smoother and more manageable for days. With deep conditioning, you don’t have to moisturise your hair daily.  Yes, after deep conditioning, you can go a few days without necessarily having to reapply your leave-in conditioner as your hair will be well moisturised. And, you will know and feel it too.

6. Deep conditioning your hair adds lustre and shine to it

Frequent manipulation, products build-up, and the application of heat can make your hair look dull. Another great reason to add deep conditioning to your hair routine is that it helps to smoothen the strands of your hair, make them softer, silkier, and shinier. Awesome right? So please tell me in the comment section, that you are going to start deep conditioning your hair.

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How to deep condition your hair

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly with your DIY or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Then with a microfiber towel or a t-shirt, you blot it dry. (this is like a haircare rule in the natural community, the regular towel is too harsh for your delicate strands and rubbing your hair back and forth with it, will lead to split ends. I don’t have a microfiber towel. I am a natural girl on a budget, and so I use a t-shirt.).

Step 2: Divide your damp hair into four or more sections. The number of hair sections depends on your hair length and what you can work with.

Carefully apply the deep conditioner to each part, paying particular attention to the ends.

Step 3: Place a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair and allow it to sit for 30- 45 minutes. Additionally, if you want to cut short your deep conditioning time, you can use a steaming cap.

Step 4: Rinse your hair properly with cold water ( cold water helps to close your hair follicles, and this should be done if you are done with your wash day. If you want to go further and use a hair mask, rinse with warm water, and after the hair mask, rinse with cold water)

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The takeaway

An incredible investment you can make in your hair care journey is using deep conditioners for your hair care. Remember long, healthy hair is the result of excellent hair practices, one of which is deep conditioning, rather than the sum of a single, magical product, which by the way doesn’t exist.

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